Greg Abate Clinic

By Steven Chelliah
Ambassador of Jazz Composition

Renowned saxophonist Greg Abate will discuss and demonstrate the art of improvisation from a compositional standpoint, emphasizing the idea of motivic development as opposed to just playing licks. He will also use some of his tunes to explain how this approach is used when conceiving of and developing thematic material while composing.

About Greg Abate:

Distinguished Alumni Greg Abate has played lead alto for the Ray Charles Orchestra (two years), tenor with the Artie Shaw Orchestra (one year), and has played in festivals and jazz clubs throughout the world (including Canada, Europe, the UK, and Russia).

His first CD (Live At Birdland NYC) in 1991 was with James Williams, Rufus Reid and Kenny Washington. He has recorded over 12 recordings and was nominated for a Grammy for his 2004 recording EVOLUTION which featured James Williams, Harvie S, and Billy Hart.

He is an adjunct professor of Jazz Studies at Rhode Island College and as a Selmer sponsored clinician conducts workshops throughout the US and abroad.

For more information about Greg Abate, visit his website

To all you Jazz Composition majors out there, please don’t miss this opportunity given to you by your department. As for non-Jazz Composition majors, we would love to have you come join us and expand your musical horizons.

OCTOBER 22, 1PM – 3pm @ the 1W Recital Hall in
the 1140 Building