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“Alive” Review

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By: Jehad Choate

Lynda Defuria’s “Alive” EP is a collection of songs with a vast array of textures and layers coupled with a distinct theme whose sole purpose is to speak directly to your soul.  It is five tracks of well-thought-out, creative, and emotionally driven music and lyrics that, in speculation, carries an almost theatrical appeal to it. As opposed to contemporary pop recordings, I found Alive to be strangely enticing, almost like a Regina Spektor album. Not entirely juxtaposing both into the same category, because they are completely different, but like Spektor, I felt that her music flowed perfectly without being raked into the conventional pop forms, opening with moving piano parts and then neatly fitting an in-the-pocket groove section to emphasize dynamic contrast as opposed to the conventional hook.  The music and style was refreshing to listen to, and her voice sincerely illuminates each song, sealing the deal for each track on being absolutely perfect. Her range and tonality is flawless, and her melodic lines showcase her ability to make her lyrics into poetry in motion. Another Berklee kid to watch out for between classes, I recommend purchasing her CD when you get the chance.  It is paced wonderfully, and would serve as a great soundtrack to those of us wanting to feel alive in our crazy city of music.

You can listen to tracks from Lynda Defuria’s ‘Alive’ album at

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