It’s Time for Breakfast… with Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang releases their debut album, "Breakfast"

“There is no one like me, like me. Mind your manners, we gonna be here forever man.” If you haven’t heard of Chiddy Bang, Capitol Records hip hop/rap duo, yet – don’t worry. Just as their song, “Mind Your Manners,” says, there isn’t anyone like Chiddy Bang and they are most definitely here to stay.

After meeting at Philadelphia’s Drexel University in 2008, front man, Chiddy, and production genius, Xaphoon Jones, have been hard at work to create their own refreshingly innovative and much welcomed style of hip hop. Straying away from the overwhelmingly auto-tuned and sugary sleek beats that have been over-populating the airwaves for the past few years, Chiddy Bang brings what they call “”Hip-Hop-Electronica-Afrobeat-Club-Pop” to the music world. With the release of their much anticipated full-length debut album, Breakfast, Chiddy Bang’s original style is being welcomed into the music world with open arms – and already leaving everyone wanting more.

Breakfast might be the most overlooked meal of the day, but Chiddy Bang’s Breakfast is not something you want to overlook – although how could you miss it? After “#ChiddyBangBreakfast” trending on Twitter and becoming regulars on late night talk shows promoting the album, Chiddy Bang is already becoming a household name. Featuring their most popular track, “Ray Charles,” which you may have seen performed on Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno’s late night talk shows, Breakfast has something for everyone.

Chiddy Bang

With incredible production by Xaphoon himself, each track has it’s own unique sound. “Happening,” perhaps one of the most high energy and radio friendly tracks on the album, features fellow Capitol Records artist, VV Brown, and is just one of the several tracks on their debut album featuring other artists, including Icona Pop and Gordon Voidwell. Featuring an addictive melody and attention-stealing lyrics, such as VV Brown’s opening line, “It’s your choice, what are you waiting for?/’Cause this is happening, yeah this is happening,” as well as a beat that seems to suddenly give you enough energy to jump up and dance around your bedroom at two in the morning, Chiddy Bang seems to be doing everything right for their debut album. Of course, “Happening” is only one of 14 tracks that could, and will, easily become instant hits. “Breakfast,” the title track off of the album, has you hooked within the first five seconds of the short horn-filled intro and keeps you hanging on until the very end with Chiddy’s immediate and in-your-face rapping with lines like, “I’m feeling flyer than I’ve ever been/Flyer than ’em ’cause we flying where they’ve never been,” that surely describes how they must be feeling right now.

With 14 high-energy and masterfully produced tracks, Breakfast, currently at the #3 spot on the hip hop/rap charts on iTunes, is one album that you don’t want to miss out on. Take it from us… Breakfast just became our favorite part of the day.

Get Breakfast on iTunes now.
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