CAREER KEROSENE: Hot Tips to Fuel Your Music Career, #17

Hot Tips to Fuel Your Music Career

  • Give your merch to whoever booked you for a gig. Same goes for DJs, program directors, and other industry folks you run into.  It’s always cool when the owner is wearing your stuff the next time you come to perform.
  • Have a lawyer. It’s funny how the letterhead with a law firm’s name on it will make people sit up and take notice. These things are pricey, so you’ll only want one. Most likely not for your regular bar gig, but don’t sign anything that has to do with your songwriting, your recordings, your merchandise, etc., etc., without having one on the payroll.
  • Generosity in networking goes beyond the average conversation, try it in Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  Share, comment, and tag your friend’s projects and dreams.

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