CAREER KEROSENE: Hot Tips to Fuel Your Music Career, #19


Hot Tips to Fuel Your Music Career

  • Get on college radio. Most universities have a local FM and online radio station. Make sure your single is in their rotation. Get your band in there for an interview, and maybe an “exclusive live performance.” And if they allow you to record the set, you’ve just compiled a “live” demo, for free!
  • It’s a new year! If you’re up for it, start your own company and release your music through it.  If you want to delegate the heavy lifting seek out a successful indie label to partner with.  But only do so when you’ve achieved a level of success appealing to a business partner (that is, you’re showing net profit for an extended period of time).
  • Always have a hi-resolution color photo available for easy download and you’ll get much better placement in print Sunday editions and calendar sections.

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