Students of the Month: January 2013


As most of you Groover regulars may know, every month we feature a Berklee student who is kicking butt and taking names by achieving extraordinary accomplishments as a performer. However, seeing as Berklee is filled to the brim with some of the most talented students in the world, it would be impossible for us to pick just one student every single month. That means that this month, we’re hitting you with six ridiculously awesome students who are epitomizing what we look for every month in our “Artist of the Month” series in all aspects of the music industry. So, get to know your fellow students and then shoot us an email at to find out how you can score a featured spot for yourself!



Hometown: Houston, TX
Principal Instrument + Semester: Violin + Music Business/Management
What’s Happenin’: “The most exciting thing I have going on right now is my internship with RED Distribution/’Stache Media (division of Sony Music). I’ll be working in marketing for the artists on their roster by working up marketing plans to help promote those artists and attend concerts if they’re touring through Boston. However, my job at Berklee is also exciting. I work at The Red Room @ Café 939 as a talent buyer and assistant venue manager and I LOVE my job. Even though I’ve already been working with them since September, I’d say it’s another thing I’m still excited about and that I look forward too. I’m also on the board (treasurer) for the Music Business Club and I’m pretty excited for the club this semester, as we have big plans brewing. I also serve as a Music Ambassador for the awesome online music blog, OurVinyl, which is another great job that I love.”
In five years…: “In five years, I see myself… probably on the Disney Channel with my new show about wizards, living a double life, and being a nanny, then having a solo singing career. Actually, I’m not really sure. I’d like to be in New York at an agency, maybe working in a venue booking bands, or back home in TX, but in Austin, doing something great with the music industry there. I think Austin is growing really fast and can potentially be up there with the top cities in the music industry like LA and NY.”
Biggest Influences + Current Favorite Album: “My biggest musical influence is probably Robert Schwartzman. I’ve kind of been following his career since 5th grade when I was obsessed with his band, Rooney. Not only is he a great musician, but he’s an actor and has also grown to do so much more in the business, like producing and composing. He’s also served as a close connection to me throughout my life and has also helped me gain some of the connections I have today. As for my current favorite album, I’d say Taylor Swift’s Red. Love it so much!”
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Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Principal Instrument + Semester: Alto saxophone + dual Music Business/Management + Music Production and Engineering w/ psych minor
What’s Happenin’: “Although I have had many tremendous opportunities here at Berklee, such as practicing law at Harvard and having the privilege to run the Berklee Music Law Group, the focal point in my life right now is an endeavor of my very own. I am currently the President and Founder of my business, The Atmosphere Music, Inc., which has been in the start up phases for nearly three years now. The Atmosphere is a music subscription service that is scheduled to be finished in April of 2013, when the team will present for rounds of venture capital funding to negotiate with major labels pertaining to the licensing for the use of their content. Fellow Berklee students have been involved in the development of The Atmosphere, as well as Berklee music business professors, some of which help comprise the board of directors.”
In five years…: “In five years I see myself running my own business while living in California. If that doesn’t work out, I would hope to be fresh out of law school practicing entertainment law, perhaps even dabbling in artist management. Once again, while living in California. After four years of Boston winters, I need some sunshine and warm weather in my life.”
Biggest Influences + Current Favorite Album: “This question is always so difficult for me because I am extremely eclectic. To make a very long story very short, my influences range from Oscar Peterson to Deadmau5. I started out playing jazz, so my list of jazz influences could go on for days. I love to listen to funkier stuff in my free time such as Soulive, Lettuce, or the John Mayer Trio. It also is extremely common to hear electronic music blasting out of my headphones at all hours of the day. My favorite electronic artists are Feed Me, Wolfgang Gartner, Mord Fustang, and Kaskade. My favorite album right now is Weekend in America by Wolfgang Gartner. He is so sweet!”
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Hometown: Born in Chicago, raised in Singapore – calls Boston home!
Principal Instrument + Major:  “My principal instrument is guitar and I’m currently on Berklee’s Artist Diploma (a specialized/individualized course of study for touring artists, so I don’t exactly have a major; the curriculum was designed based on my artistic direction and schedule.)”
What’s happenin’: “My most recent accomplishment was being featured in a recent jazz concert alongside veteran musicians like Michael Paulo, Christian Howes, Jeremy Monteiro & Count Basie Orchestra singer, Carmen Bradford.”
In five years…: “I plan to be on tour with a strong following in the US, release two more albums, and share my music with as many people as I can.”
Biggest Influences: “Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Tuck & Patti, and James Brown.”
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Hometown: Mexico City
Principal Instrument + Major: Guitar + Songwriting
What’s Happenin’: “The most exciting thing I have going on right now is I’m about to be living in Valencia, Spain for one semester! It is really crazy to think in just this month I’m going to be spending some days in Mexico City, Washington DC, Valencia, and Cannes, France. I’m especially proud of having played my original compositions at MIT twice last semester (and got paid!) and having played some kick-ass metal guitar songs at the BPC with my band the Iliad during the Metal Guitar Night this past Halloween.”
In five years…: “In five years I see myself as the man I want to become: an assertive human being, very kind and very powerful, very strong but very sensible, who is well established, financially secure, and emotionally happy in the given that has permeated its life the most and will permeate music forever: change. I see myself on many levels: as a touring guitarist with the Iliad, as a traveling pianist, as a professional composer for many different media projects, as a short story/poetry-novel writer, an entrepreneur; but overall as a songwriter, documenting all of my life experiences and sealing them with the language of emotions that art and music are. And of course, using the resources available to a successful musician to change the world positively.”
Biggest Influences + Current Favorite Album: “My biggest influences are: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Gogol Bordello, Muse, System of a Down, Zoé, Salvador Dalí, Alexander the Great and Leonardo Da Vinci. And my current favorite album must be two! Athena by Athena and Burning Earth by Firewind. Both bands are based in the Mediterranean and influenced by their surroundings but the first covered in rock and the latter in metal.”
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Hometown: Orange County, CA
Principal Instrument + Major: Guitar + undecided (potentially Film Scoring)
What’s Happenin’: “I’ve been refining my solo album, Guns In The Attic, for almost a year now. If you want to track my progress and get the latest updates on the release, check it out here. Also, I am currently working with a band formed at Berklee called Double Overhead.”
In five years…: “I never liked answering questions that asked where I can see myself ‘in x amount of years from now’ because I always find myself amazed at where I end up a week from now. Life is easier to just go with the flow of things and find happiness as you go along.”
Biggest Influences + Current Favorite Album: “My biggest influences are Anthony Green, Circa Survive, La Dispute, A Lot Like Birds, Hail The Sun, Edison Glass, Intuition, and Atmosphere to name a few. My current favorite album would be Avalon by Anthony Green, just because being back in California for break puts me in such a kick-back mood. I include a lot of songs off of that album when I busk down at San Clemente Pier during the summer.”
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New Jersey
Principal Instrument + Major: Voice + Professional Music
What’s Happenin’: “I’m in the process of recording my original songs and co-writing with very talented songwriters. By the end of the year, I should have my EP done and ready to go! I’m also currently practicing with my band for my senior recital on February 19th at 7:00 PM in room 1W (1140 Boylston). The show is a mix of classic rock and roll and country songs. There are a few mash-ups and I will be performing two of my original songs as well. Recently, Berklee awarded me with the title of Student Ambassador. I am honored to be traveling to Houston, TX, and New Orleans, LA, in February as a representative for the school.”
In five years…: “In five years, I hope to be touring in and around Nashville. I hope to have opportunities that allow me to play across the southern cities, such as Austin and Atlanta. I also hope to have a job working for Annie Clement’s production company as a background session singer. I would love to play on the Grand Ole Opry stage and have a publishing deal as a songwriter, but I know that’s pushing it for just five years down the road!”
Biggest Influences + Current Favorite Album: “My biggest influences are Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, and Carrie Underwood. They all have a strong presence that commands the stage and captures an audience. Carrie Underwood has a voice of an angel, Bonnie Raitt is an amazing songwriter and guitarist, and Stevie Nicks creates a show with her presence and wardrobe. All together, these women create the most incredible, entertaining powerhouse. I hope to have aspects of their styles in my performances. My favorite album right now is Charlie Worsham’s self titled EP. He’s an up and coming singer/songwriter in Nashville. He used to attend Berklee and is now touring all over the country.”
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