Berklee Alumnus Damian Hagger Discusses New SixString App


Damian Hagger is a ’98 Music Business/Contemporary Writing & Production Berklee graduate who became co-founder and marketing representative for the newly released SixString app for guitarists. SixString offers guitar players the first fully integrated social networking app featuring interactive video, audio recording, text and image sharing. The app has earned attention from CNBC, top performers such as guitarist Gary Hoey, and will be featured in the upcoming NAMM Convention. In the following segment, Damian discusses how the product came to life and discloses plans for future development.

Berklee Groove: Where was the idea behind SixString born?
Damian Hagger: My business partners and I share the same passions for technology, design, and… guitar! We were discussing one day how posting our guitar-related content to our social networks was cumbersome. We had Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other forums that we posted to. However, our posts were read by people who didn’t play guitar or they were not as passionate about guitar music as we were. We thought it would be a worthy venture to start a social network dedicated to guitarists — and SixString was born. We also believed that since most users would want to have the network in their pocket, to be used when the need or inspiration arose, the best interface would be a mobile app.

BG: Why choose to make the app free?
DH: Our focus is building community, and we want no barriers for users to join in. That being said, we have many premium features we will be unveiling in upcoming versions that we think will be incredibly useful to our community.

BG: Any future plans for additional apps/features?
DH: We have BIG plans for updates to the app, however we also want to engage the audience to see where they would like us to take it. From that standpoint, we are VERY customer focused — after all, that is what a social network platform should be about. We encourage our users to give constructive criticism so we can focus on making the SixString experience stronger. The app is in its early stages, but early adopters are really helping us define what they want the experience to be.

BG: What is the goal for your app — is there a targeted audience or do you want to design apps for anyone anywhere?
DH: SixString is a social network for guitarists. Our goal is to connect all guitarists around the world and allow them to share their passion. Building the community and making it easy for them to share their guitar-related audio, images, video and text is our main goal right now. We plan to continuously evolve the app to make for stronger connections between guitar players.

Though not a guitar player myself, the idea behind this app is still really exciting. Social media is constantly becoming more accessible and increasingly universal. For those of you who do live in the land of callused fingertips and tab chords, I seriously recommend downloading this app! For more information about SixString and updates on future product development, check out

Available for free download for iPhones here: