Negotiation for higher salaries–An insight from IBC 2105

If you would not go to a job interview without your resume then you should not accept a job offer without negotiating it.  Negotiating the job package is that fundamental to the hiring process. Negotiating your pay is the financially sound thing to do. People who negotiate earn $1 Million more during their career. 

Lines Everyone should know to negotiate pay and benefits

What are you making at your current job?

Unfortunately, that is confidential.
I’m not sure that is relevant. Can you explain why this is needed?

What is your salary requirement?

I do not know enough about the job to know what it should pay. Can you tell me about X?

It’s negotiable. (A competitive package)

Congratulations! You got the job and it pays $xyz.

Thank you! It’s a great opportunity. Unfortunately but there are a few things keeping me from saying YES. They are 1) the salary is lower than expected based on the current market, 2) vacation is less than typical in this industry, and 3) it’s curious that there is no stock options……(This list should be about 3-6 items with at least one thing you are willing to give up in the negotiation.)

Your research is wrong.

Oh, I’m sure you have more resources than I to do the research. Can share with me the data you have? (Do not let this become a debate of data that just takes it off track. Few if any will share their data with you and thus you can get back to the point.)

That’s the best we can do.

That’s surprising. I know the company has increased its revenue the past four years in a row with last year’s increase being 10%. (Insert whatever strong financials you discovered.) Is $10,000 not available when the company is doing this well?

Everyone starts at this pay.

That’s interesting. I’m sure everyone gets the same initial offer. Unfortunately, the current market for the job is more than you are offering and I am interviewing with a few other companies. Let me get back to you in a couple of days. (Here is where options become very important.)

You are already paid the highest.

That’s interesting but does not address the issue that currently I am underpaid for the market.

From workshop: Million dollar words — lines to negotiate $1 million

By Katie Donovan, Salary Negotiation Coach