5 Ways to Combat Exhaustion Before Finals

by Dom Jones

5. Eat Regularly and Well

You may think that skipping meals is doing you some good and helping you keep that freshman (or sophomore or junior) 15 off, but eating regularly helps keep your metabolism active, which both helps you keep the pounds off as well as your energy higher. This will also help you stave off illness, and we know how vital health is during this crucial time in the semester. When you’re in the Caf, grab a few bananas on your way out, and try to avoid the junk food when looking for a quick snack. Eating well should just be a life practice, but we know that for college students like us, that isn’t always the case. Make sure you prioritize eating well during this time of year to keep your energy up.

4. Drink Water

Just as you may forget to eat well, your water consumption may get lower as your schedule fills with projects and studying for exams. Drinking water will not only boost your energy, but it will help keep your skin clear and flush your body of toxins that lead to illness or feeling lethargic. To save money (and be friendly to the environment), purchase a reusable water bottle, and refill it. You should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day. If you think you’re going to forget, ask a friend to be your “water buddy.” Send each other texts throughout the day with friendly reminders to drink your water!


3. Plan Ahead

You probably already know what you have to do. You know what projects are pending, what exams are coming up and when, and how long it will take to study or finish those projects. SPREAD IT OUT! I know… we’re all procrastinators, and we’d prefer to leave everything until 3am and then act baffled when we’re exhausted the next day. Seriously, if you devote a few hours each day to studying and projects, you’ll have knocked everything out with time to spare for Netflix. You can use a paper planner or purchase a dry erase board, which will allow you to adjust based on things that may come up. You can also put reminders in the calendar on your phone and alerts so that you don’t get caught up in a jam session and forget to finish that paper due. Planning seems boring, but it’ll help in the long run.

2. Curb Your Vices

Photo: 8list.ph

Photo: 8list.ph

I know the inclination when you’re studying super hard is to reward yourself with 50 shots of tequila, but DON’T DO IT! Partying and drinking during the time leading up to and during finals is a huge “avoid note.” Not only does alcohol dehydrate the body, it’s also high in sugar content (which makes it the equivalent of a junk food) and can also leave you with a vicious hangover. Why not put off the beer bong and shots party until AFTER finals? That makes more sense, and won’t negatively affect your body or your grades. Plan a quick celebratory drink for friends after finals and before all of your buddies head home. You’ll thank yourself for exercising some restraint.


Photo: holisticvanity.ca

Photo: holisticvanity.ca

Feeling tired? Want to know the best way to resolve the issue? GO TO SLEEP! I know, it’s hard because inspiration could spark at 2am, and if you could just stay up until 2am, you know you’d write that hit song. Relax. That 8 hours of sleep you get is more likely to lead to a hit record than your random 2am sleepy session in your room by yourself, vacillating between Logic and watching Hulu. All other methods listed will help, but really, the main thing that will help you combat exhaustion is getting plenty of consistent rest. That doesn’t mean get 8 hours one night and 2 hours for the rest of the week. Plan out your schedule so that you can get some good rest every night.





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