5 Holiday Albums We Love

by Dom Jones

I personally hate Christmas music. Go ahead, get your shocked gasps out of the way before I continue. The reason I’ve begun to abhor this music is because of the commercialism that has shoved it down our throats since right after Halloween through the New Year. I mean… it’s Christmas music. Play it the week before, the week of, and the week after the holiday… not months in advance! Anyway, there are a few times when artists release Christmas music and I love it, either because they do it super well or because they take a different spin on it. Here’s a list of some newer holiday releases and some oldies, but goodies. If, for some reason, you’re still itching to listen to this kind of music, go nuts:

Tank: A Classic Christmas Night


I dig this effort because I feel like Tank calms down vocally a bit. We all know that he can go off, and it’s great (it’s kind of his signature at this point). I also just like to know that a singer can sing a song the way it’s written. This Christmas album is probably the closest we’ll ever get to Tank doing that. Enjoyable as well, is the modern sound on production. Christmas songs can become boring after a while because they start to sound old, but this EP breathes some new life into these classic tunes.


BJ The Chicago Kid: The Lost Files/Cuffing Season


This isn’t even a Christmas project, and I appreciate that so much. It more refers to the winter season (hence: “cuffing season”). The lost files part of the title insinuates that we’re getting tracks that didn’t make the final cut for the album, and if that’s the case, even BJ’s throwaways are dope! Two of my favorite tunes on this project are “On My Way To Your Heart” and “All On Me.” To me, these two tracks could have easily made the final cut, but however they got to my ears, I’m happy about it.



Now on to our oldies but goodies list…

A Motown Christmas


Because who doesn’t think The Jackson 5 has the best version ever of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town?”








Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas

ella-wishes-you-a-swinging-christmasBecause Ella Fitzgerald could sing the ABCs and we’d be moved (and to balance your taste with your parent’s taste while you’re at home).








A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

a-jolly-christmas-frank-sinatraBecause Frank Sinatra is pretty much the definition of cool, and if you’re going to sing cheesy Christmas songs, you need to infuse a lot of cool into that effort.

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