The Class of 2017: Yearbook!

by Dom Jones

Berklee’s official website did their thing with the Class of 2017, but we at Berklee Groove wanted to give our shoutouts, too! Here are some seniors that Berklee just won’t be the same without next semester.

Cedric Jackson, II

Cedric made his mark in his senior year, performing in the annual Black Lives Matter concert, being one of our first performers for Berklee Groove Sessions, and releasing his stellar EP, “Balance.” It’s pretty clear that his future as a vocalist and writer is bright and beaming! We dub Cedric “Most Likely to Steal the Show of Whoever’s Tour he Opens.”




Lily Lyons

A lesser known fact is that Lily was our only staff writer for almost her entire senior year, and with a little help from the editor (me) was instrumental in keeping Berklee Groove afloat. Lily’s off to greener pastures, but not before leaving her writing and musical mark on Berklee! We dub Lily “Most Likely to Become a Lowkey Famous Writer.”





Another Berklee Groove Sessions alum, it’s crazy that I had never met Mufaro until this semester! As international students go, she’s pretty much a favorite, and her music is spectacular. Check out Mufaro’s website to keep in touch after she crosses the stage on Saturday! We dub Mufaro “Most Likely to win a Major Songwriting Award.”




Zaid Tabani

Could we really do a post called “Yearbook” without the guy who is releasing an album of the same name? Zaid became even more popular after his Reddit rap battle went viral. Keep in touch with Zaid after graduation here. We dub Zaid “Most Likely to Kill even more would-be Rapper’s Careers.”




Belinda Huang

Though Belinda is listed on Berklee’s list, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about her on this list as well. She was Berklee Groove’s Editor-in-Chief when I started, and kept the ship afloat when I was basically the only Staff Writer she had as well (we’re going to end that trend!). We dub Belinda “Most Likely to be the Boss of a Large Staff.”




Shania Wilcox

Who can forget Shania’s incredible performance in the Beyoncè ensemble throughout this entire semester? She pretty much killed the game in her senior year, performing in both Singer Showcases, the Beyoncè ensemble, all while DUAL-MAJORING (music business and songwriting) and being the most helpful and kind person on planet earth. We dub Shania “Most Likely to run the Next Large Music Publishing Firm.”




Jordan Holly

What is Pitch Slapped without Jordan Holly? C’mon, fam. It’s lit. When she and her squad came through with the Stevie Wonder cover that went viral, we were like, “Yo… it’s Jordan, fam. ‘Nuff said.” We dub Jordan “Most likely to Continue Killing the A Capella Game.” Keep up with her after graduation.





John Miller

NONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE HAD CAF SHOWS WITHOUT HIM. Give John Miller his props for leading the squad that gave us arguably the best two semesters of Caf Shows we’ve seen so far. It takes a lot to sift through submissions and help curate performances, all while running a staff of engineers. PLUS, John was instrumental in the Caf Shows/Berklee Groove collaboration to make sound at Berklee Groove Sessions even tighter. We dub John “Most Likely to Engineer for all the People we want to Open for.”



Tatum Flemister

Can we just slow clap for Tatum one time? Tatum helped us make Berklee Groove Sessions pop more each time it occurred by being a great host and helping to foster the relationship between Berklee Groove and The Birn. He also brought R&B back to prevalence on The Birn with his Friday show, The Vibe, and we hope it will continue on even after he graduates. Tatum also became well known for his DJing skills, and so we dub Tatum “Most Likely to Shut Down Parties Nationwide.”


Tyesha Simpson

Another Berklee Groove Sessions alum, Tyesha is known for her particular writing style, never veering to far from her devotion to a higher power and positivity in her music. Her recent EP “EPSA” left us all waiting for more, and we dub Tyesha “Most Likely to Save a Life with Her Music.” Keep in touch with her after graduation.





Atileo Tedoldi

Atileo was most definitely the plug in the Songwriting department. Always willing to help anyone who needed it, it was dope to see him step into the forefront musically in his last semester, performing at the Berklee Original Bands Showcase and releasing his debut EP “Moulds,” We dub Atileo “Most Likely to Slay Your Life in Music and Fashion.”




Christina Azarian

Christina could be seen on campus at any time working hard with the Student Government Association and any number of social justice causes. While many students are solely focused on themselves and their own agendas, Christina is someone who committed herself in service of the Berklee community at large and we can all learn a ton from her example. We dub Christina “Most Likely to Change the World.”




Franklin Rankin

I just met this guy this semester, but man. It’s a little crazy how talented he is. I’m just gonna end this like this: We dub Franklin “Most Likely to Steal Everyone’s Guitar Gigs.” And if you know Frank, you know what I’m talking about.





Listen, if you’re a senior and I missed you, it’s still all love. This is the largest graduating class in a WHILE at Berklee. I couldn’t get to everybody, but you ALL will be missed around campus! GET IT IN and keep paving the way for those of us coming up behind you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


About the Author

Dom Jones is a dual major in Music Business and Songwriting, and her work has been published in Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Blavity and She released her debut album, Wingspan, in 2014 and her follow up EP, Blackbird in 2016. Find out more about her at