Can Chris Brown Pull off a Massive 40-track Album?

by Ayanna Jacobs-El

Earlier this month Chris Brown announced that he will be releasing a 40 track double album called Heartbreak on a Full Moon. The announcement was made on Chris Brown’s Instagram with a post of a handwritten track list. His upcoming album will be his first full-length album since Royalty in 2015. Royalty, named after his 3-year-old daughter, was his sixth No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Heartbreak on a Full Moon will be the Pop/R&B singers 8th full-length album.

I have enjoyed some of Chris Brown’s songs in the past, but I have never been a fan of his or listened to any of his albums in their entirety. One of the reasons that I could never support someone like Brown is because he has a proven history of violence against women. He also seems to have extensive anger issues, which have led to multiple legal problems and silly disputes. I also think that some of Brown’s songs sound too commercial to the point of unoriginality and blandness.

This upcoming project seems like a huge undertaking, which could not have the best results. If his latest singles are any indication of how the album will do in the marketplace, then the outlook doesn’t seem positive. His newest singles haven’t been doing very well and the only times he seems to be in the news are for his various controversies, like a canceled fight with Soulja Boy and reports of him struggling with drug addiction.

Chris Brown molds his sound around what is popular in the current music marketplace. At this time, the Alternative R&B sound is dominating the airwaves, so I’m pretty sure that much of his new album will focus on this style. I think we can expect many of the tracks to feature current popular artists and a 40-track album filled with great songs will be a difficult thing to pull off. Even artist’s who release 20 track albums have difficulty keeping a continuous stream of hit songs.

One explanation for why he is planning on releasing such a lengthy album may be that music streaming has affected the way that album sales are tabulated. It takes 1,500 streams from an album to equal one album-equivalent sale. By having a ton of songs per album, artists can rack up more album equivalent units while listeners simply check out the new album. This is a sneaky way to rack up listens, but it could be very effective.

No doubt, Brown’s upcoming album will have a few hits that will definitely get a ton of radio play. The album will be released by the notable RCA records, which will provide him with all the necessary promotion and distribution methods. He also has a large fan base that will additionally help get the word out about Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Currently, there hasn’t been an official release date for the massive upcoming release but stay tuned to his social media and website if you want to be one of the first to know.


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