LeToya Luckett is Back 2 Life

by Ayanna Jacobs-El

Former Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett recently released her third solo album entitled Back 2 Life. The soulful vocalist and songwriter seamlessly blends classic R&B with newer styles like Trap. The album allows Luckett’s powerful singing voice to shine over songs about an indecisive love story. Luckett recently went through a divorce and the listener can hear the pain and sadness of that event displayed throughout the well-crafted album.

The title track “B2L” perfectly showcases the Trap and R&B sound that many of the songs on Back 2 Life follow. The melancholic piano lines in the background perfectly underline Luckett’s wistful vocals. This track was also the first single off of the album and it was released with an accompanying music video that shows a deteriorating relationship followed. The beautifully filmed music video shows how LeToya discovers that her boyfriend’s female friend is interested in more than friendship. The video is interconnected with another music video for the second single “Used To.” This song also has a Trap and R&B sound like “B2L” but it also has sections that have a Dancehall sound, which is a style that has been being used in many pop songs recently. In this video, LeToya’s now ex-boyfriend Omar is trying to get back with her. She stays strong and refrains from rekindling their relationship but there is a to be continued at the end of this video as well. Subscribe to LeToya’s YouTube page to be the first to know about her newest music videos and to learn what happens next in her story.

Back 2 Life is very diverse in terms of musical genre. The songs bounce around from modern sounds like trap-influenced “Weekend”, old-school soul in “World’s Apart”, and to a funky R&B sound in “My Love.” By changing style so frequently it doesn’t allow the album to feel consistent even though it shows LeToya Luckett’s ability to sing well in various genres.

In an interview that Luckett did on The Breakfast Club before she released her album, she gave some insight into why she is still making music. She urged people who are looking to get into music for the money to pursue something else. She said that she isn’t in the music industry for the money because she just truly loves music. It has allowed her to get through heartbreak and express herself. In the interview, she also addresses the whole Destiny’s Child controversy around her and LaTavia Roberson leaving the group. She stated that everyone in the group is on good terms and that she still communicates with all of the members. She also briefly talked about her acting career in which she has appeared in Treme and Ballers and will be playing a lead role in the upcoming Dionne Warwick biopic.

Overall, Back 2 Life is a strong album for LeToya Luckett following her eight year long extended hiatus from music. She effectively showcases her emotions and has a number of catchy songs. The future looks bright for LeToya Luckett and I’m looking forward to seeing what she will release next.


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Ayanna Jacobs-El
Ayanna Jacobs-El is a composer, producer, songwriter, singer, alto and baritone saxophonist, and DJ dual majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production and Professional Music with a minor in Writing for TV and New Media. You can learn more about Ayanna and hear her music by visiting www.ayannajacobsel.com.