Our Picks for Your Summer Rooftop Party Playlist

by Ayanna Jacobs-El

Summer is officially here! The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and positive vibes are in the air. I have listed a few songs that I think would make a great addition to any summer party playlist! Continue reading to find out what tunes will help set a fun and happy mood!

1. “Despacito”- Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi

This reggaeton jam is currently number one on the Bilboard Hot 100. It’s easy to see why “Despacito,” which means slowly, is performing so well. It has all of the elements of a summer anthem, from its catchy lyrics to its danceable beat. If you want to start your party off on the right foot “Despacito” is definitely the way to go.

2. “Location”- Khalid

When you feel like setting a more chill tone a great song to put on would be Khalid’s “Location.” His soulful voice crooning over the song’s jazzy beat is a perfect way to either start or start winding down your party.

3. “That’s What I Like”-Bruno Mars

This old school influenced jam from Bruno Mars is a perfect way to start to get people dancing. The funky groove and fun lyrics are perfect to sing along to.

4. “Summertime”- The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Everyone always enjoys a nostalgic throwback tune. “Summertime” by The Fresh Prince Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff is a crowd favorite that partygoers will enjoy singing along with.

5. “Light It Up” Remix- Major Lazer (Feat. Nyla and Fude ODG)

This remix is upbeat and peppy which is perfect to set a positive mood. The drop is guaranteed to get people dancing and everything about this song screams summer vibes.

6. “Whippin”- Kiiara (Feat. Felix Snow)

This earworm from Kiiara, who is mainly known for “Gold,” is super catchy, mid-tempo jam. The song has a pretty similar structure to “Gold,” but it still is a cool track that will keep your playlist on the right track.

7. “Never Be Like You”- Flume (Feat. Kai)

“Never Be Like You” features pulsating and shimmery synths and Kai’s pleasant voice. Everyone’s heads will be bobbing to this awesome Flume track.

8. “One More Weekend”- Audien and MAX

The bright synths and uplifting sounds of “One More Weekend” scream summer! Combine those elements with a danceable drop and you have a perfect party track.

9. “Limitless”- Sam F (feat. Sophie Rose)

Sophie Rose’s breathy vocals fit perfectly in with this uplifting EDM track. This is a song that has all the qualities to set a positive and pleasant vibe.

10. “Good Life”- Kiso and Yvette

As the title states, this song is all about living that “Good Life.” With fun vocal chops and a powerful drop, this song is guaranteed to keep your playlist interesting.

Hopefully, these tracks will help you start or round out your summer rooftop party playlist! It is always fun to play different genres and tempos throughout the party to keep the playlist interesting.


About the Author

Ayanna Jacobs-El
Ayanna Jacobs-El is a composer, producer, songwriter, singer, alto and baritone saxophonist, and DJ dual majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production and Professional Music with a minor in Writing for TV and New Media. You can learn more about Ayanna and hear her music by visiting www.ayannajacobsel.com.