Alternative-pop trio LANY Works in the “Hot Lights” at the House of Blues in Boston

by Stephanie Carlin

Last week, I went to see LANY’s tour, LANY Tour: Part 2, at the House of Blues in Boston. LANY, standing for “Los Angeles New York”, is an alternative-pop trio out of Los Angeles (and possibly New York). The band was formed in 2014 after an encounter in Nashville where Paul Klein, the lead singer, met Jake Gross and Les Priest, a drummer and a guitarist/keyboardist working on a project called WRLDS which was, of course, quickly discarded. After forming LANY, the trio released a few singles on SoundCloud and later, an EP titled Acronyms. From there, the band toured with the likes of Troye Sivan and X Ambassadors and even played at Lollapalooza, which can take years for some artists.

With just three years under their belt, LANY has already made traction. Their debut self-titled album LANY debuted at #32 on Billboard and #4 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums. The album itself is made up of the band’s three EPs: I Loved YouAcronyms, and kinda. The sound of the album quite interesting. It’s like if the 1980’s met up with Janet Jackson and Bono, they all raised a kid and put it in the studio when it was old enough. A simplistic, easy listen can provide an engaging story, as fans have come to know with “Flowers on the Floor,” “The Breakup,” and “Super Far.” The feel of the album is not meant to attack or threaten, but to invest one’s self into a calm state that one can dance to and, after listening to death metal and insane EDM for a school project, it can be nice to hear something easy every once in a while.

The show itself was great to watch. The theatrics and lights really helped bring the calm atmosphere to life but didn’t take away from frontman Paul Klein’s performance.

What surprised me the most about the tour had nothing to do with the band itself, but the dedication of their fans. It was astounding. As I typically do with concert reviews, I came an hour early to get a good spot in the crowd. Immediately when I got there, there was already a line around the block. After getting my tickets, I get to the end of the line and check my phone. I turn around and already the line is twice as long. I’m not exaggerating. They were even considerate to DAGNY, the opening act. They knew all the songs, with Paul doing everything a frontman should do. One cool thing about the show was that with cameras on the sides of the stage and a display on the back of the band, we were able to see everyone in the crowd dancing to the music. That is fan acknowledgement right there, and one of the most humble I’ve seen.

With rapid fire growth, dedicated fanbase, and a need to be bigger and better, it seems there is no stopping this fast-paced trio.

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