Concert Review: Indie Singer-Songwriter Lucy Rose Takes the “Night Bus” to Boston


by Stephanie L. Carlin

Lucy Rose visited Boston for the first time at The Rockwell in Somerville, MA last Tuesday performing her hits and songs from her latest album “Something’s Changing.” She played to a sold-out crowd with nothing but a guitar, two band members, an opening act and a stagehand who happened to be her husband.

First off, I have to give an small honorable mention to her opening act because, as she would agree, he was the best possible opening act she could’ve had. Charlie Cunningham is an indie singer-songwriter from Kennington, London, best known for singles like “Minimum” and “You Sigh,” both of which he played in his set. What was really perfect is that different styles from places that he’s been around the world could be heard in his performance. Some of his songs started with this classical flamingo style that he was obsessed with when he went to Spain. He clearly thought out his songs in a way that the listener could tell took hours and hours. I highly recommend him if you’re in the mood to get a little moody, as similar to Lucy, he can be depressing.

Lucy actually admitted this during the show, saying that songs like “Moirai” and “Night Bus” can be a little more than melancholy. The reason she discussed this is because during the show, a chunk of people were going in and out and she was getting nervous. She took this with humorous stride, however, and said “If you feel like you need to move, even to ‘wee,’ don’t.” But, as she was setting up for the next song, two people just started to walk out. Not believing what was happening she yelled, “Seriously?!” and as they were walking out, she flipped them off and began the song.

Now, I was not expecting that at an indie concert, but Lucy was poised, she was confident, she was hilarious, she listened to the audience and she gave them what they wanted.

Lucy’s relationship with her fans is actually of one the best things about her. She toured all of Latin America because her fans in Mexico City tweeted her and shared her on Spotify so much that in response, she replied back “If you book me a gig, I’ll come and stay.” One fan couldn’t travel to her shows because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When Lucy heard this, she wrote a song about said fan called “Strangest of Ways” and shot a music video with them.

That is dedication on another level. I think regardless of what you listen to, you should Lucy out, because not only are her songs insightful and thought-provoking in ways that I haven’t heard since Joni Mitchell, but knowing the generous, considerate person behind it  all makes it even more sweet.

You can check out “Something’s Changing” on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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