9 Amazing Songs I’ve Discovered on Spotify

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by Dom Jones

Okay, full disclosure? I just started using Spotify in May. I just didn’t understand the benefit of it or why all these playlists everyone was talking about even mattered. I’ve done a full 180 on the matter, and use Spotify every day, from looking up old albums that I want to hear to my Discover Weekly playlist that I look forward to every Monday. Now that I’m fully obsessed with the platform, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite songs from my Discover Weekly playlists (these songs have also made it onto my personal playlist of jams).

Dirty Laundry | Malia ft. Syd

I’m a big fan of Syd and The Internet, but had never heard of Malia, which is the beauty of the playlist. I love the guitar of this song, and I also love how Malia’s sultry voice compliments Syd’s smooth tone. It’s such a cool tune.

Wanna Be Yours | Guordan Banks

I’m not a huge fan of trap music, but this song is a JAM. The verses aren’t super amazing, but the hook draws me in every time, even though it’s just one line and super simple. I could listen to this on repeat. Who am I kidding? I DO listen to this on repeat.

Lonely | Mac Ayres

I loved this song from the first second it came on. The production is just so alluring. You want to hear what’s going to happen next. Mac Ayres’ voice only adds to the vibe of the song. My songwriting teachers are always talking about leaving space in songs and letting them breathe, and I feel like this song is a perfect example of that.

Craters | Chantae Cann ft. PJ Morton

If you’ve been following me on any social media platform for the past month or so, then you know about my recent and utter obsession with PJ Morton. OF COURSE I was going to press play when I came across this song, and it did not disappoint. The song is called “Craters” and it definitely takes the listener to a different dimension.

Love Safe | Bain

Every song doesn’t have to be overly digitally produced. I love the live feel of this song. I also love the grittiness of Bain’s voice. This song reminds me of something that I would listen to driving down the California highway if I were at home.

Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition) | Teedra Moses

Kaytranada is a beloved artist on the Berklee campus, and now I see why. Reinventing this Teedra Moses gave the song a new life, and put me squarely in the crosshairs of Kaytranada’s artistry. I love this dance tune.

All Blue | Jade Novah

You know how all of you singers love to yell “SING!” when a singer at Berklee does something that you like? Well, you’ll do that a lot while listening to Jade Novah because this girl has PIPES.

Where the Flowers Grow | Marie Dahlstrom

I first discovered Marie Dahlstrom during a Soundcloud crate dig, but I hadn’t heard from her for a long time, until this song popped up onto my Discover Weekly playlist. It’s classic Marie, with its soulfulness and thoughtful lyrics.

Teacher | Karina Pasian

Another artist I’ve never heard of, I was totally beguiled by the arrangement of this song. Mixing soul and jazz, this tune really takes some risks as a single, and is super musical. Karina can also REALLY SING. This is one of the songs that made me want to go listen to the whole album.

What was your favorite song on this playlist? Sound off in the comments!

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Dom Jones is a dual major in Music Business and Songwriting, and her work has been published in Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Blavity and Ebony.com. She released her debut album, Wingspan, in 2014 and her follow up EP, Blackbird in 2016. Find out more about her at iamdomjones.com