SGA Elections To Be Held Feb 25

Being involved with the SGA is an opportunity to be a part of the change that's happening at Berklee. Members have the opportunity to help organize and run student events, connect with the administration, represent Berklee students on and off campus, and be a part of a high-energy group of motivated Berklee students.

Music Synthesis Major Changes Name

By Jonathan Williams
Music Synthesis Ambassador, Berklee SGA

There are a lot of exciting changes happening that make Synthesis at Berklee the best electronic music program in the world.

The most important change happening this year is the department’s new …

Behind The Scenes of Film Scoring


By Nazer Lagrimas Jr.
SGA Film Scoring Ambassador

A common response I get when telling people that I’m a Film Scoring  major is, “Oh, you write background music,” but it’s definitely much  more than that.  Composing for film is more …

A New and Improved Student Government

By Nicholas Adam Owens
SGA President

What an exciting year we have ahead of us at Berklee! With all the advancement of student-run organizations around campus, it’s only appropriate that the SGA be a part of the action. This year …