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Yuzo Koshiro: Video Game Music Wizard

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer

Although Sega’s days as one of the leading forces in video games are over, the company that challenged Nintendo with its 16-Bit “Genesis” console in the early 90’s produced a stunning amount of hit …

Tim Wise Brings Racial Awareness to Berklee

By Madeline Hawke
Office for Cultural Diversity

In a culture where discrimination is rarely discussed openly, it takes a brave person to speak up about injustice. Not only is it brave, but when you are a member of the group …

Nintendo Bleeps

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer

The evolution of video game sound and music from its very beginnings to today’s state of the art technology is astounding. Al Alcorn, the engineer behind Pong (often considered the first video game, which …

The Grammys: Music’s Biggest and Longest Night

By Zac Taylor

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards was a star-studded, long-winded, genre-bending night of backing tracks and bizarre collaborations. Justin Timberlake and Kanye West were rarely off camera, and the curly haired Jonas Brother fudged the words to …

A Year in the Life: Heavy Rotation Records

By Brian Schopfel and Cierra Walker
Contributing Writers

“Heavy Rotation Records is an established student-run record label at Berklee College of Music, operated by musicians, for musicians, expanding careers and offering opportunities in all aspects of the music industry. HRR

Artists Featured On Dorm Sessions 6

Model Cars
Model Cars is a Berklee student band formed by pianist/violinist Claudio Olachea, who, after moving to Boston in 2006, began searching for musicians whose goal was to play original, indie rock music inspired by intelligent, melodic, and harmonic …

Berklee Goes Green

By Dan Thompson
Contributing Writer

Tuition sucks. Nobody likes to think about having to take out more loans or find more scholarships or grants. Sometimes I wonder, as I’m sure you do, where all the money goes. Soon the student …