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Artists Featured On Dorm Sessions 6

Model Cars
Model Cars is a Berklee student band formed by pianist/violinist Claudio Olachea, who, after moving to Boston in 2006, began searching for musicians whose goal was to play original, indie rock music inspired by intelligent, melodic, and harmonic …

Berklee Goes Green

By Dan Thompson
Contributing Writer

Tuition sucks. Nobody likes to think about having to take out more loans or find more scholarships or grants. Sometimes I wonder, as I’m sure you do, where all the money goes. Soon the student …

Ice Cats Trounce Emerson Lions

By Zac Taylor

The Berklee Ice Cats captured the coveted Boylston cup on November 8th in front of about 400 fans who packed the Walter Brown Arena at Boston University. Having beaten the Emerson Lions for three years straight, …

Berklee to Open New College in Spain

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

Roger Brown and Eduardo Bautisto, CEO of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), recently announced a partnership to create a new college in Valencia, Spain. The new college, Berklee Valencia, will be the …

Latin Music & Culture Celebration

By Yago De Quay
Student Coordinator, LMCC

This November, Berklee will present its tenth annual Latin Music and Culture Celebration, an event organized by students and faculty to showcase the wealth of talented musicians from Latin America. The Celebration features …

John Mayer Inspires and Informs

John Mayer gives some words of wisdom during his clinic at the BPC.

John Mayer gives some words of wisdom during his clinic at the BPC.

By Zac Taylor

A few weeks ago, President Roger Brown got a midnight text message from a former Berklee student. This particular student wanted to come …