Berklee News

Greg Abate Clinic

By Steven Chelliah
Ambassador of Jazz Composition

Renowned saxophonist Greg Abate will discuss and demonstrate the art of improvisation from a compositional standpoint, emphasizing the idea of motivic development as opposed to just playing licks. He will also use some …

The Unplugged Series

Press Release Courtesy of  Caf Shows


Sponsored by the Student Activities Center, a new student project titled The Unplugged Series will debut its first show at the LOFT at 939 this Friday, October 23. The first series will feature: Nini …

A New and Improved Student Government

By Nicholas Adam Owens
SGA President

What an exciting year we have ahead of us at Berklee! With all the advancement of student-run organizations around campus, it’s only appropriate that the SGA be a part of the action. This year …

Welcome to the Video Game Music Club

By Nazer Lagrimas Jr.
VGMC President

Video Games.  Some eat, sleep, and breathe them, while others see them as our generation’s flashy waste of time.  But no matter what your opinion may be, one simply cannot deny the fact that …

Westland Storms the Pop-Punk Scene

By Zac Taylor
Managing Editor

Power-Pop-Punk Quintet Westland has been trailblazing all across the west coast and elsewhere, making a name for themselves on the national scene. How did they make the leap from jamming in high school and meeting …

Guerilla Recording Techniques

Press Release Courtesy of Chris Fitzgerald
Learning Center Coordinator


Live Ensemble Recording Examined at the Guerilla Recording Techniques Forum

Continuing a tradition, the Learning Center began its semesterly three-part Guerilla Production Series on October 6th with the Guerilla Recording Techniques …