Tim Wise Brings Racial Awareness to Berklee

By Madeline Hawke
Office for Cultural Diversity

In a culture where discrimination is rarely discussed openly, it takes a brave person to speak up about injustice. Not only is it brave, but when you are a member of the group …

Mint Condition: 90s Band Revived

By Orlando Dixon
Staff Writer

Screaming fans, blank stares of amazement and a standing ovation was how a Thursday night ended for many students in the Berklee Performance Center. Legendary R&B group Mint Condition brought down the house with a …

Berklee Expands, Raising Questions

By Orlando Dixon
Staff Writer

As the economic crisis worsens, many Berklee students are increasingly worried about paying for tuition. While the school tries to keep students informed through various forums, many are concerned about how their money is being …

Nintendo Bleeps

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer

The evolution of video game sound and music from its very beginnings to today’s state of the art technology is astounding. Al Alcorn, the engineer behind Pong (often considered the first video game, which …

Maria Schneider Inspires Students

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

The Berklee Africana Studies Program showcased writer/arranger Maria Schneider as a visiting artist last week. Schneider, who has been nominated for 7 Grammy Awards and named Downbeat Magazine’s number one big band arranger/composer on numerous …

The Grammys: Music’s Biggest and Longest Night

By Zac Taylor

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards was a star-studded, long-winded, genre-bending night of backing tracks and bizarre collaborations. Justin Timberlake and Kanye West were rarely off camera, and the curly haired Jonas Brother fudged the words to …