Where Was the Real McCain Hiding?

By Dan Htoo-Levine
Staff Writer 

It was a quick victory on election Tuesday for the 44th United States president-elect, Barack Obama. In Chicago, people turned out in droves at Grant Park to celebrate the historical win. The mood in Arizona …

Gay Marriage and Cultural Assimilation

By Rebecca Perkins
Contributing Writer 

The passing of Proposition 8 amending the California state constitution to define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman has caused uproar in LGBT communities across the country. Protesters are marching …

Police Brutality on Election Night

By Sebastian Gutierrez
Contributing Writer

It was expected well before the night of November 4 that results of the election would stir up massive commotion across the country. With regards to Boston, most people were ecstatic. You may have found …


By Erin Murray
Contributing Writer

In January 2001, the music world changed. Apple introduced its newest application, iTunes, a media player that redefined the way we listened to, and purchased, music. Suddenly, earplugs dangled from each head and identities were …