Letter from the Editor

By Zac Taylor

Well, O.J. is finally going to jail, and Axl has finally released Chinese Democracy; snowflakes are falling outside The Groove office, and apparently in hell, too… We’ve all but made it to the end of the …

Obama’s Election: A Victory for Civil Rights

By Larry Watson
Contributing Writer and Berklee Faculty

What many of us thought impossible has happened. Upon hearing the news that Barack Obama had won the Presidential Election, the first call I made was to my mother. As joyful tears …

What Has Changed?

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

So here we are: Barack Obama, the 47-year-old mixed race son of Kenya and Kansas, has won the 2008 presidential election, and will be president of the United States on January 20, 2009. His campaign …

Where Was the Real McCain Hiding?

By Dan Htoo-Levine
Staff Writer 

It was a quick victory on election Tuesday for the 44th United States president-elect, Barack Obama. In Chicago, people turned out in droves at Grant Park to celebrate the historical win. The mood in Arizona …

Gay Marriage and Cultural Assimilation

By Rebecca Perkins
Contributing Writer 

The passing of Proposition 8 amending the California state constitution to define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman has caused uproar in LGBT communities across the country. Protesters are marching …

Police Brutality on Election Night

By Sebastian Gutierrez
Contributing Writer

It was expected well before the night of November 4 that results of the election would stir up massive commotion across the country. With regards to Boston, most people were ecstatic. You may have found …


By Erin Murray
Contributing Writer

In January 2001, the music world changed. Apple introduced its newest application, iTunes, a media player that redefined the way we listened to, and purchased, music. Suddenly, earplugs dangled from each head and identities were …

Letter from the Editor

By Zac Taylor

You know The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes they play on Halloween? The credits always had silly names for the writers like “Bat” Groening and James “Hell” Brooks. I thought about doing that for the Groove …