Letter from the Editor

Happy October, chums. Settling into new classes? Practicing your Phrygian chops? Getting your winter wardrobe ready? Keeping away from the unruly Red Sox fans? Cool. Me, too.

You know what’s funny? Berklee bands tend to invite mainly/only other Berklee folks …

Healthcare Abyss for Berklee Graduates

stethoscope_binaural_Rappaport_Sprague_Hewlett_Packard_1207By Rebecca Perkins
Contributing Writer

When you graduate from Berklee, how are you going to get health insurance? This is a question I have asked myself since I started school here 6 semesters ago. I had been out of college …

Why Rep. Joe Wilson is Wrong, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

Yet again, our media and politicians have fixated on a meaningless sound-bite as a way of marginalizing health-care as an important debate in this country. Two words, shouted by Republican Rep. Joe Wilson at President Obama during a speech to …

Welcome Back to School!

*Groove 2 with SealWelcome back to school, my fellow music snobs. You may notice you’re reading this on a screen, as opposed to out of a newsstand, or off the restroom floor at the 1140 building—pretty neat, huh? Over the summer, we held …

Fwd: Textiquette

By Zac Taylor


There’s a pesky epidemic sweeping the mobile community. It’s called mass-texting. Musicians and other shameless self-promoters will often drop the mass-text the day before, of, or after a show in an effort to “get people out.” …

Roots & Reason: Africana Studies @ Berklee

By Amber Woodhouse
Contributing Writer

… Restored your soul, showed you that black music matters and in this past school year, gave you jazz as a language and culture.

Did you get a chance to chill with Mint Condition at …

Drink Organic!

By Manu Laudic
Contributing Writer

It is a real fight now against this weather to not get sick. Since we spend most of our days inside, I wanted to introduce you some great organic products enjoyable at home and a …

The Boss’ Pre-Recorded Halftime Show

Bruce Springsteen is a deity.  Revered for most of his career as the quintessential nice-guy rock-star, the man is married to his rhythm guitar player, has no baggage that anyone knows of, pushing 60, and yet still manages to bring …