Welcome Back to School!

*Groove 2 with SealWelcome back to school, my fellow music snobs. You may notice you’re reading this on a screen, as opposed to out of a newsstand, or off the restroom floor at the 1140 building—pretty neat, huh? Over the summer, we held …

Fwd: Textiquette

By Zac Taylor


There’s a pesky epidemic sweeping the mobile community. It’s called mass-texting. Musicians and other shameless self-promoters will often drop the mass-text the day before, of, or after a show in an effort to “get people out.” …

Roots & Reason: Africana Studies @ Berklee

By Amber Woodhouse
Contributing Writer

… Restored your soul, showed you that black music matters and in this past school year, gave you jazz as a language and culture.

Did you get a chance to chill with Mint Condition at …

Drink Organic!

By Manu Laudic
Contributing Writer

It is a real fight now against this weather to not get sick. Since we spend most of our days inside, I wanted to introduce you some great organic products enjoyable at home and a …

The Boss’ Pre-Recorded Halftime Show

Bruce Springsteen is a deity.  Revered for most of his career as the quintessential nice-guy rock-star, the man is married to his rhythm guitar player, has no baggage that anyone knows of, pushing 60, and yet still manages to bring …

Studying Abroad in Athens, Greece

By Emily Hulslander
Contributing Writer

Emily Hulslander is a 5th semester voice principal who has just completed a semester of study at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece, as part of Berklee’s International Study Abroad program. 

Going to Athens …

The Global Game Jam 2009

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer  

If you are a film scoring student, you probably are very familiar with tight deadlines. That doesn’t mean one can’t raise the bar though! Last weekend, I participated in the Boston chapter of the …

Eat Organic

By Manu Laudic
Contributing Writer  

Here we are, back in the cold, ready for a new year! Take your new resolution’s board for 2009 and add this one: eat better. I know it is too cold to go out, run …