Face It

By Dan Palmere
Contributing Writer

One of my first resolutions this New Year was to delete my Facebook account. There’s a fine line between networking and spending an unhealthy amount of time checking status updates. I think I crossed it …

A War-Torn Christmas Break

By Michael Hazani
Contributing Writer

My break is almost over. I’m flying back to Boston in six days. This time next week I’ll be in my Trad Harm class, and what I’m about to tell you will seem like a …

Obamarama: 2009 Presidential Inauguration

By Orlando Dixon
Staff Writer

I would have never imagined I would be around to witness such a momentous event in history like that of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. What comforts me even more is the excitement that I share …

Berklee Goes Green

By Dan Thompson
Contributing Writer

Tuition sucks. Nobody likes to think about having to take out more loans or find more scholarships or grants. Sometimes I wonder, as I’m sure you do, where all the money goes. Soon the student …

Tips for Avoiding Finals Stress

By Orlando Dixon
Staff Writer

With finals right around the corner, the stress of hectic schedules, excessive rehearsals and ensemble performances can begin to take a toll. The preparation put into one semester can easily seem like it has all …

Letter from the Editor

By Zac Taylor

Well, O.J. is finally going to jail, and Axl has finally released Chinese Democracy; snowflakes are falling outside The Groove office, and apparently in hell, too… We’ve all but made it to the end of the …

Obama’s Election: A Victory for Civil Rights

By Larry Watson
Contributing Writer and Berklee Faculty

What many of us thought impossible has happened. Upon hearing the news that Barack Obama had won the Presidential Election, the first call I made was to my mother. As joyful tears …