Album Reviews

The Kin: THE UPSide

Aussie pop-rockers Isaac and Thorry Koren are a long way from home. Having been on the road much more often than off of it, the development of the brothers’ songwriting and musicianship is more than apparent on their new disc, THE UPSide.

Kings of Leon: Only by the Night

By Chris Carlson
Contributing Writer

Many times after a very successful album, it can be a daunting task for any band to deliver. Everyone who listens to the newest effort will be comparing it to the earlier masterpiece. With Only …

Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Kinsmen

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

Kinsmen, the new album from Rudresh Mahanthappa, fuses Indian Classical (Carnatic) music and jazz, and shows that Mahanthappa’s idiosyncratic technique can translate to genres other than straight jazz. Kinsmen is Mahanthappa’s first album since …

Back Bay Guitar Trio: The Journey

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

Boston’s Back Bay Guitar Trio, composed of Berklee faculty and alums, is not a guitar trio in the jazz sense (guitar, bass, drums), but literally made up of three acoustic guitarists: David Newsam, Steve Marchena …