Album Reviews

Nathan Reich: Arms Around a Ghost

Reich’s vocals have a meloncholy restraint that echoes Elliott Smith and even Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam. The lyricism follows suit: literary but straightforward, playful but honest. Themes of alcoholism, loneliness, and the daunting ambition of exploring the world, without and within, pump the majority of the blood through Arms Around a Ghost.

John Mayer: Battle Studies

Does Battle Studies sound like you thought it was going to? Of course it’s well-constructed, impeccably produced, and relatively inoffensive, in spite of saying the s-word in the first track and smoking dope in the fourth.

The Kin: THE UPSide

Aussie pop-rockers Isaac and Thorry Koren are a long way from home. Having been on the road much more often than off of it, the development of the brothers’ songwriting and musicianship is more than apparent on their new disc, THE UPSide.