Paranormal Activity: A Grating, Over-Hyped Bore

By Ann Driscoll
Associate Editor


Light on scares, heavy on monotony, Paranormal Activity is a weak entry into the “recovered footage” genre of horror movies that has existed since Cannibal Holocaust in 1980 and found a popular resurgence in 1999’s …

A Musical Evening at Gallery 263

By Garrett Frierson
Contributing Writer

For anyone on the search for up and coming talent, the show at Gallery 263 in Cambridge last Thursday night was a goldmine. The small venue allowed for an intimate show while rain fell just …

Cold ‘Bore’ Kids

The Wilbur Theatre is an excellent venue to see a rock and roll act, in spite of not serving alcohol. Or having functioning lights. Or booking a good rock and roll act. Such was the case last Thursday, April 2, …

Screaming Females: Doing it Themselves

Somewhere backstage at The Middle East (presumably in a phone booth), the diminutive frontwoman and guitarist of Screaming Females, Marissa Paternoster, has slipped out of her everyday clothes and into her trademark red housedress. Shrieking and twisting before a crowded …