Christian Eberlein

By Callum MacKenzie
Staff Writer

Music Business major Christian Eberlein may have “finished the class side” at Berklee, but he is as busy as ever. As a student, he only has an internship left to complete (he has recently moved …

Katrina Bello

By Orlando Dixon
Staff Writer

In an industry where Soul music is often overlooked for its lack of commercial appeal, 20-year old singer/songwriter Katrina Bello is one of the standout musical talents.  Her unique blend of Neo-Soul, R&B, and Jazz …

Groove Exclusive: Lenka Exclusive

The Aussie pop star Lenka released her self-titled debut record this past year, and has been generating substantial buzz. Her single “The Show” was featured as the Free Single of Week on iTunes, and she has performed it with her …

The Boss’ Pre-Recorded Halftime Show

Bruce Springsteen is a deity.  Revered for most of his career as the quintessential nice-guy rock-star, the man is married to his rhythm guitar player, has no baggage that anyone knows of, pushing 60, and yet still manages to bring …

Studying Abroad in Athens, Greece

By Emily Hulslander
Contributing Writer

Emily Hulslander is a 5th semester voice principal who has just completed a semester of study at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece, as part of Berklee’s International Study Abroad program. 

Going to Athens …

The Global Game Jam 2009

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer  

If you are a film scoring student, you probably are very familiar with tight deadlines. That doesn’t mean one can’t raise the bar though! Last weekend, I participated in the Boston chapter of the …

Eat Organic

By Manu Laudic
Contributing Writer  

Here we are, back in the cold, ready for a new year! Take your new resolution’s board for 2009 and add this one: eat better. I know it is too cold to go out, run …

Nintendo Bleeps

By Filippo Beck Peccoz
Contributing Writer

The evolution of video game sound and music from its very beginnings to today’s state of the art technology is astounding. Al Alcorn, the engineer behind Pong (often considered the first video game, which …