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Francesca ‘Ceskie’ Rijks is the Dutch English Editor-in-Chief of Berklee Groove, having taken over from Berklee graduate Dom Jones in May 2019. Since then she has headed the relaunch, reshaping the direction and impact of Berklee Groove as a distinctive brand within the Berklee College of Music Campus. With a background in business, networking and music, she is the creative force behind Berklee Groove, and hopes to inspire the next generation of music influencers through her work, interviewing and curating content for the publication.  


Ceskie is currently in her last year at Berklee College of Music, studying music production and performance on scholarship. Although she is a classically trained violinist, pianist and composer, her heart is full when she's producing EDM music, DJ-ing and singing a good ballad.


She is obsessed with studying entertainers, and hopes to join their stage as a singer songwriter one day soon. Ceskie is also a trained Yoga teacher and Ayurveda enthusiast. Notable performances include with Jacob Collier, Patrice Rushen, Thomas Newman and a private function for Prince William. She has also arranged for full orchestra, big band and is an in- demand session musician. She is the main interviewer for Berklee Groove, having chatted with Julia Michaels, KSHMR, Alice Merton, Sam Feldt, and Mary Lambert to name a few.


Most of all she believes strongly in the importance of sharing people’s stories and enjoying life to its fullest. Although she loves all thing Hygge (Google it!) she’ll transform into a party animal whenever funky music is playing - i.e. all the time. Find her @ceskiemusic to peek behind the scenes of her latest projects, interviews and shows!

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Kirsten Roussel is an 18 year old, in her first semester at Berklee. She is a voice principle from Wyoming, and intends to major in Electronic Production and Design with a minor in Video Game Scoring. She enjoys studying classical piano, playing video games, and designing characters - hobbies which lead her to her path at Berklee. 

Kirsten is a Staff Writer at Berklee Groove, and contributes her passion for the position to her love for writing and the English language. She has been writing fervently for the majority of her life, be it in school or for leisure, and has written a number of academic essays, screenplays, and short stories. She is very interested in the music and inner workings of the KPop industry, and believes that this will bring a fresh perspective to the Groove. Her varied experience and interests help her to contribute a unique angle on the music industry and all that resides within it. 

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Trinity Reyes is currently in her first semester at Berklee College of Music. Her principal instrument is the Baritone Saxophone, and she also embraced the daunting task of learning the bassoon four years ago. Contrary to most saxophone players at Berklee, her background is mostly in classical music. However she loves singing and playing guitar, and intends to soak up more about music production while she is at Berklee in order to produce her original songs. As a Contributing Writer of Berklee Groove, she is excited to add to a platform where she can “pop off” on her favorite artists, and express her growing love for fashion. As a musician with diverse interests, Berklee Groove allows her to channel her creativity in one of the best ways she can - by writing (besides playing music, of course). When she’s back at home in sunny California, you can find her in her local Crossfit gym attempting to lift heavy weights, although she fails most of the time.

Aiming to major in Music Business, she hopes to eventually be able work at a major record label or work in a company like Spotify. Her main focus is trying to guide and help artists achieve their full potential. Having performed in Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Vatican, she also intends to continue performing and traveling around the world to share her love for music. You can follow Trinity on Instagram (@trinityreyescobar) to see posts about her traveling and musical adventures!

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Originally from Rosenberg, Texas, Nadya Kelly is a third-year oboe principal with a strong background in classical music but enjoys exploring the potential of bringing the oboe to the jazz world. Outside of the oboe, Nadya also enjoys baking different types of desserts (and eating every single one of them), learning how to dance (both from the comfort of her own apartment and in a class setting), and constantly organizing her music on Spotify in the hopes of one day creating the perfect playlist. As a Performance major with a minor in Private Studio Teaching, Nadya is ultimately interested in the personal connections that form between people through the shared experience of music and wants to be in a position where she can help make sure that music, as a shared experience, is accessible to everyone, no matter their background.


Through her role as one of Berklee Groove’s Contributing Writers, Nadya hopes to encourage healthy and stimulating discussions surrounding today’s music industry and the ever-evolving artistry of its participants. Nadya also seeks to discover ways that we, as artists, can grow closer to creating art that is truly representative of ourselves and that leaves behind a positive, significant impact on others. If you enjoy reading Nadya’s premeditated content and would like more of an insight on her daily life as an oboist on the move and would also like to hear her spontaneous thoughts and opinions as they come, feel free to follow her on Instagram (@nadyyakelly).

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Down Under School of Yoga is New England's premier yoga school and home to some of America's finest yoga teachers. Offering the largest depth and breadth of yoga classes in the region, Down Under has created a truly diverse and vibrant community of students in its Brookline, Cambridge and Newton studios. Even if you have never taken a yoga class before, regardless of age, strength, flexibility, or skill level, there is a class at Down Under for you.


If you are brand new to the studio, try Down Under's Newcomer Pass, 30 Days of Yoga for $30, where you can take unlimited classes at all three studios. Once you've completed your Newcomer Pass, Down Under is offering Berklee Students 10 Classes for $125 (an additional $15 savings off the already discounted Student 10 Class price). Use the code BERKLEE at checkout.


Please reach out to Louie DePasquale, Down Under's Outreach Director at or 617-648-6144 with any questions.

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Isabella Ramos is the Promotional Manager for the Berklee Groove. She is originally from Miami, FL, where she grew up with a fun, loud Hispanic family. She is currently in her last year at Berklee, double majoring in Performance and Music Business. She is also a Pop/R&B songwriter, so she loves performing and writing her own music. She discovered this passion in middle school and has been pursuing music ever since. As she learned more about the Music Business at Berklee, she also became interested in this side of the business.


Isabella is really interested in what goes on behind the scenes, so she tries to learn as much as she can about the people and the work that goes into making a great artist or show. Aside from music, Isabella loves going out and dancing with friends, but also enjoys a night in with board games and movies. She also goes crazy for spicy chicken wings, hot sauce, or anything spicy for that matter.

Isabella is passionate about promoting talent that she believes in and wants to help these people succeed. She is excited to be a part of the Berklee Groove team because she believes in the organization’s mission to inspire musicians and motivate them to reach their highest potential. She hopes that through her work at the Berklee Groove, she is able to reach an audience that could really benefit from the publication. Isabella believes that the Berklee Groove is the perfect platform for her to use her love of music and her knowledge of the music business.

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Writing for Berklee Groove serves as a full-circle opportunity of sorts for Kaylee Ellis: many afternoons of her childhood were spent writing wildly creative short stories and during high school she seriously considered a career in journalism. She has been fascinated by music and stories her entire life, and Berklee Groove represents the intersection of these passions. As associate editor she puts her obsession with flawless grammar to good use, as well as sharing her love of musical theatre, female empowerment, and genre-bending with the Berklee community. Nothing brings her more joy than witnessing the myriad of ways in which music helps people be their most authentic selves, and she’s thrilled by the chance to explore what that means for artists in the industry today. 

A first-semester pianist and vocalist hailing from the suburbs of southern Indiana, she describes Berklee College of Music as “the nerd school of her dreams.” She plans to major in Professional Music and minor in musical theatre conducting; with twelve years of classical piano training under her belt, she now dreams of being on Broadway as a pit musician and musical writer. When she’s not at the piano bench or doing her homework, you can probably find her drinking vanilla iced coffee, reading, watching sitcoms, or performing one-woman shows very badly in her dorm room. Follow her on Instagram @kaylee__anne for her life’s adventures and on Twitter @kaellis718 for memes and political rants.

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As a Contributing Writer for Berklee Groove,  Alana Amore Colvin spends the majority of her time bringing her love of community, music, and performance to a head. Spending her entire childhood dreaming of becoming an underground music journalist, her main focus is of informing the world of the smaller underground communities not always seen head on - but full of creativity, inspiration, and talent that she herself draws from. Through this specific lens of the music community, Alana strives to expand the reach of lesser known names and to bring the names of people harder to reach to a position where they can truly communicate with the reader or if all else using her descriptive writing style to bring the reader to the show. 

Alana is currently in her first semester at Berklee College of Music as a guitarist planning to major in Professional Music with concentration in Songwriting and Music Business. Outside of reading, writing, and going to shows, Alana enjoys performing herself having performed at the House of Blues (Cleveland), The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Warped Tour and various other places. Despite defining herself as a blues-guitarist she gets a lot of joy out of jazz, rock, folk, alternative music, and pretty much anything you have her listen to (which one could expect out of a Berklee student).

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Alexis “Lex” den Boggende is a Dutch American writer from North Andover, Massachusetts. She has been writing all her life, with her focus in fiction before moving to Boston. She has previously published her work in print and continues to write short and long narrative when she isn’t scribbling down notes about the gigs she attends. Inspired by innovative writers like horror novelist Clive Barker and rock critic Lester Bangs, Lex loves taking on stories with a bite. After graduating from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, she moved to Boston where she has immersed herself in the writing and music scene. She has taken on interviews and shows with artists like Hozier, The Rolling Stones, Hudson Taylor, The Who, Two Door Cinema Club and Ghost. As a music journalist for Sound of Boston and a film journalist for Boston Hassle, Lex dedicates her time to supporting local artists. Berklee Groove gives Lex the avenue to continue to grow as a journalist while writing about the art and culture that is most important to her. She hopes that as a Contributing Writer, she will ignite a spark of curiosity in her readers and help pinpoint what they are most passionate about, whilst providing a unique perspective outside of the 'Berklee bubble'.

When she’s not writing, you can find Lex standing in between the aisles of Barnes and Noble deliberating which books to buy, using the smug moon emoji too often, watching 1960s black-and-white sci-fi/horror anthology shows and ranting about their significance in today’s society, hugging her sassy Cattle Dog, lining up outside a gig, or dancing to The Killers and Oasis in her kitchen while making blueberry pancakes. Catch her on Instagram @adenboggende and on Twitter @Adenb0.