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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids


Fellow ARMYs, rejoice! BTS is back with their latest release, Map Of The Soul: 7. On February 21 of 2020, BTS released their highly anticipated album along with a music video and an interactive Spotify experience. Now, the hype for this album? Let’s just say, it’s been insane. If you think you can go on Twitter without hearing about the new album, or at the very least, Jimin (he do be trending doe), think again. Honestly, BTS’s label BigHit hasn’t really done that much promotion for this album. Comparatively, there were far more singles, teasers, photoshoots, and general promo for the Love Yourself era and Persona than there were for 7, which seems odd upon first glance. However, if you think about it, did they really need to? BTS is the biggest musical act in the entire world right now, and if they drop even a hint of new content, there will be hundreds of theory videos and K-Pop blogs picking it up in seconds. BTS’s literal army of fans is a loyal and dedicated group that loves nothing more than to support their favorite artists, so their palpable excitement is both hard to ignore and conveniently free promotion. I’ll be honest, I’m no stranger to the hype; the poster from my preorder of the album is staring down at me as I write this.

Onto the actual build-up for the album, whispers of a new album were circling throughout December, until early January when the “Comeback Map” or schedule was tweeted from BigHit’s official account, confirming the rumours. It outlined the dates of every event in the comeback, including single releases and the actual release of the album itself. January 10 came the new intro to 7, “Comeback Trailer - SHADOW”, which highlighted Suga and became the first taste of the album. Next came “Connect, BTS”- a series of art galleries around the world to produce performances, displays, and collections of the works of artists whose messages resonated with the feeling of the album. The goal was to enrich communities through the arts and connect artists with different mediums, people and each other in a way that hadn’t been done before. January 17 brought the first single, “Black Swan”, along with a music video with the performance of MN Dance Company. The comeback trailer for the outro, “Ego,” was released on February 3 featuring another solo track by J-Hope. Next up were some promo pictures and a few tweets until February 21 and the full album release!

This new album begins with the five songs of their last EP, Map Of The Soul: Persona, and brings fourteen brand new tracks, including a feature from Sia on the last song, “ON.” This comeback is fantastic. Everything from the songs themselves to the new choreography is incredible, and I can’t get enough. The music video for “ON” is done in a unique way for BTS- they made use of an entire film crew for its production. Now, with their budget, BTS probably has the best of the best in every department, but this collaboration keeps with their theme of artists supporting artists, and I’m here for it. This video oozes one word: sick. Their choreography is incredibly intense and absolutely epic, and the way that the stylists played with shape and silhouette is refreshing and interesting to the eye. Using a few of the same simple pieces in a new way with different hair, makeup, and accessories make each outfit pop, yet keep the whole picture cohesive.

I’m in love with this new comeback. My favorite songs off of the album would certainly have to be “ON,” “UGH!” and “Outro: Ego.” I love the entire project as a whole, and I will relish this comeback until rumours of the next flood Twitter once again.

What’s your favorite song off of 7? Share with us @berkleegroove on Instagram!

Check out Map Of The Soul: 7 HERE:


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