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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids

DECEMBER 9, 2019

I met Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace backstage in the sweltering summer heat, at Mysteryland Festival in Amsterdam. They are the Canadian DJ duo better known as Loud Luxury. After releasing their remix of Martin Garrix’s song ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, they released their hit ‘Body’, under Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label, featuring Brando. It went platinum, reaching the top of the charts internationally. Their latest release, ‘I’m Not Alright’, featuring Bryce Vine, was released on October 15th. They’re currently on their first solo tour, ending in Las Vegas on January 23rd, 2020, having stopped by Boston at the newly opened Big Night Live in November.

How did you meet?

Joe Depace: We met before a Porter Robinson show at University, in London Ontario. We went to the show together and after that connected and started working together. I studied music, and Andrew studied political science. I was president of the DJ Producer club and we met the first night of the meeting we had in 2012. Andrew was a producer and that week we started working in a studio together.

Andrew Fedyk: It was really just a hobby for me, the whole music thing. I didn’t think it would be a career.

What kept you working together?

Andrew: There are definitely ways we complement each other and we had a really good vibe. I don’t think either of us expected it to go as far as it has. It’s incredible coming to all of these shows and being able to do this together. It’s really a blessing.

How did you get started as DJs?

Joe: We played a lot of parties, at college. We basically took anything we could get our hands on and opened for a lot of artists - sometimes we’d play for fifteen minutes before five other DJs. After graduating we packed our bags and moved to LA.

What are the most important things you have learned?

Andrew: It taught us how to play a diverse range of music. For instance going from opening one night for an artist and the next playing a party for a college, we’d have to play completely different music. Then we would be able to apply all these methods and ideas to our own music.

Joe: There would be a lot of times where we would have to play Hip Hop or Techno, as there would be other artists who were doing things differently from us, so we had to play a certain way to fit in. There have been clubs that we’ve gone to where we thought we were going to play a certain style and then we had to rework it and play something completely different.

There are tonnes of mistakes we’ve made, like accidentally stopping music and things like that, which we’ve learnt from. We are constantly taking things away from every crowd, such as here at Mysteryland. It’s all constant learning.

Who has influenced you the most?

Joe: for me I started learning how to produce by recreating a lot of Avicci songs. That was a big influence.

Andrew: I’m from Toronto originally and there is a really cool Hip Hop scene, with Drake and the Weeknd coming out of there. That was always a big influence and I like to apply that to our music.

How did you find your sound?

Joe: It’s sort of something that just happens. We just produced and produced and eventually we made so much music, that it ended up evolving into something that became our sound.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say?

Andrew: Don’t sweat the small stuff. I could not have predicted the way things went down. There was a lot of stress thinking about how I could do this as a career, and constantly worrying if I was good enough. I definitely should have spent a lot less time worrying and more time just constantly working on music and building things. But I don’t regret anything about what’s happened.

Joe: The same sort of thing. Just not to worry so much, as it’ll eventually happen. So long as you just keep going with it, and keep the vision in mind as to where you want to go, it’ll happen.

What was the moment that you realised you’d ‘made it’?

Joe: When we were in LA, we didn’t really have ‘a sound’, but after we released ‘Body’, people started knowing the words and coming to our shows. When the shows started selling out, that was the moment. It was the moment when we realised our reality was much different to what it had been last year.

Andrew: We released ‘Body’ on every platform, but it really blew up on Spotify and Apple Music. Then the US radio started picking it up and it went places we never expected. It was really exciting.

Do you have a structure for when you’re producing?

No, although we often begin with vocals, every song varies. I wish there was a formula, but every time it’s different. Sometimes we’re inspired by the vocals, and build the song around that. Sometimes we’re in the studio writing a song to a complete different theme, and we’ll end up using that idea for something else. It literally changes every time.

How do you get in the Groove?

Andrew: For us being in the groove is always being inspired. We’re DJs but we’re music fans first and foremost, so we always love finding new music that makes us excited and makes us want to open up our laptops and get to work. It’s about finding something that gets you excited, like one little idea that will inspire you to write a whole track.

Joe: Yes, that’s where it all starts. That’s what getting in the groove means. Just be in the moment.


Follow Loud Luxury HERE and catch their latest release on our #WKNDLISTENS playlist.


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