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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids

MARCH 21, 2020

This time last week the ‘rona bells rang, with millions of emails being sent out announcing cancellations, warnings and evacuations. Whole campuses were sent home, displacing so many and forcing organisations to find away to go online to keep connected. And although many are longing for the days when we could have the structure of being in physical office, class or work place, or even to be able to snuggle up to your best friend whilst watching a movie - here are some thoughts on how to perhaps reframe your situation.

No more travel time means a magical space to 'zoom' into things that truly nourish you…:

Less is more.

Whether home signifies relaxation, or stress, whatever part of the spectrum in-between - this is a perfect time to undo a societal conditioning to ‘do’. Are you ‘doing’ and filling up all your space to block out uncomfortable emotions? Or are you ‘doing’ because you’re so used to denying yourself the space to relax? Notice your habits next time you automatically reach to do something and ask yourself deep down - do I really need to do this?

A simple call to an isolated family member or even a 'XOX' text can mean the world.

Do you really need to hoard all that toilet paper?

Let go of what makes you unhappy.

The quote ‘create a life you don’t need a vacation from’ is very relevant. Being stuck in one place forces you to confront what it is that is bothering you, draining your energy or making you feel unfulfilled. What would happen if you let go of whatever it was and prioritised bringing nourishing activities into your life, step by step?

Giving yourself structure to set up for success can help dramatically. Perhaps set your alarm to go to bed an hour earlier, plan your day and use the morning space to just sit with a mug of hot tea and be with yourself. And if you can, put what makes you happy first!

Use the space for nourishing and perhaps new things like:

Yoga: Relatives and friends from around the world can join you in activities now streamed online, like Down Under Yoga’s classes (they went totally online two days back). Register for classes HERE. Berklee students can get a 10% discount by emailing

Making a pillow fort. Go on. You know you want to!

Putting on a guilty pleasure playlist and dancing around like no one was watching. Because chances are they aren't! Here's a few: Party Guilty Pleasure Binural Beats Bedroom Jams

Hug a tree. Trees have watched generations go by, so they've probably got time to offer up a trunk to cry on.

Enjoy the space.

In between zoom (and all other platforms! This is not a paid promotion, so please excuse my play on words...) calls and emails, enjoy being in your space. Perhaps it’s the birdsong outside. Perhaps the floor under your feet. Perhaps just being able to breathe. Fill up on being in the moment.

Something a mentor once said to me, that has stayed with me ever since was: ‘You have all the time in the world.’

So for those overwhelmed with the influx of social media notifications, please remember that you have a choice whether you 'zoom' through these days, or sit and savour the space to re-find your own pace.


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