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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids

DECEMBER 10, 2019

Omaha, Nebraska native and 8th Semester Songwriting Major, Da Da ‘Dreion’ Murrell delivered a historic final performance on Tuesday night at the Berklee Performance Center. He is the first student to hold his final performance at the venue instead of the usual venues, The Red Room, the Caf, or any of the college’s recital halls. Throughout the show, entitled Made for This, Dreion stunned a full audience with his highly coordinated dance moves, virtuosic vocal performance, and his unparalleled confidence and charisma. The energy in his showmanship was a contagion comparable to the likes of James Brown, Prince, and Michael Jackson, whom he cites as his most significant artistic influences.

Dreion established a bold stage presence as he marched onto the stage to the slow tempo of the triumphant intro music. Upon reaching an appended section at center-stage, he and his band launched into the first few songs of the show, among them his original tunes, ‘I Just Can’t Take It’, and ‘Everybody Get Up’, during which Dreion set the crowd alight. The stage was teeming with excitement and movement as the backup dancers and singers took the stage, executing highly coordinated dance sequences and pitch-perfect harmonies. The show continued to dazzle and engage as it morphed into ‘Tia’s Cabaret’, in which a singing battle ensued between Dreion and one of the backup singers for the attention of a vixen played by one of the backup dancers.

As the show approached the finale, Dreion, through his charm and showmanship, managed to turn the entire Berklee Performance Center into a church. “Band, let’s take them church!” Dreion exclaimed as the singers of Berklee’s Reverence Gospel Choir made their way to the stage through the aisles. The venue began to glow with joy, love and worship as Dreion welcomed esteemed guests, D’Shondra Perry, Tamar St. Julien, and Percy Bady to sing with him. Following this, the show’s producer, Tia Fuller, took the stage with Dreion to commend him for his hard work and dedication to this “Madison Square Garden - ready show”. She described the work that Dreion had put into the show over the past year and thanked all those who had supported it.

After Dreion thanked the crowd, his wife and child, Fuller prepared us for the final song of the show. “Madison Square Garden, the O2 Arena… Get ready for Dreion!” Dreion closed with original song, ‘For a Change is Coming’, which was released fittingly that night at midnight. As everyone shuffled out of the venue, the cacophony of praise and proclamations of amazement made it very clear that Da Da ‘Dreion’ Murrell is indeed, Made For This.


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