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Lesser-Known Campus Resources

Here is a list of lesser-known Berklee services or assets:

Girl with Micro Braids

JANUARY 23, 2020

by Keegan Fitzpatrick

During a section of Digital Narrative with Professor Lori Landay, I was informed that there are multiple virtual reality devices that are accessible to students here at Berklee. Initially, this blew my mind. Consequently, I realized that there are several resources that most people probably don’t know about on campus. Here is a list of lesser-known Berklee services or assets:

Virtual Reality in its Varied Glory

If you go to the main desk at the library and ask for a VR headset, you may get confused looks, but I assure you that the technology resides within the library walls. The Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and if I’m not mistaken, the Vive are all accessible, among other hardware. If you find any of this intriguing, or feel inspired to connect virtual or augmented reality with your music (or other’s music) then take a stop at the library. If you're serious about the endeavor, reach out to Professor Lori Landay, an invaluable resource in her own right, right here at the school.

Counseling & Mental Health Programs

Berklee has an incredible wealth of wellness resources. From yoga classes to Tai Chi, meditation, Reiki workshops, and even drum-massage, you can stay grounded and centered. As a student, you also have access to physical therapy, individual counseling sessions, individual reiki sessions, Alexander Technique workshops, a Feldenkrais Method series, and so much more. Keep your eyes open and if you have any questions, reach out to or visit .

Discounted Tickets

That’s right folks, get ‘em while they’re hot! No, but seriously, $8 for a movie ticket is completely fair, and the deal is good for any movie when you buy through the Student Activities Center. You also have the option of paying $1 for a student ticket to shows at the Boston Symphony Orchestra right down the street. During select shows, you bring your ticket and are welcomed as a guest at this historic venue. ONE DOLLAR, KIDS!! And while I’m on a tangent about the Student Activities Center, I’ll make note of the fact that you can borrow board games, movies, and even play pool, all down the steps from the 150 Mass Ave lobby.

Access to On-Campus Venues

Now, maybe this one seems like a no-brainer, but I found it surprising and exciting that I didn’t have to be enrolled in any specific class to host a show in a Berklee venue. In previous semesters, I had assumed that venue space was reserved for upperclassmen or for those who needed to fulfill class requirements. Boy was I wrong. While priority is given to seniors and other folks who need the spaces, you are allowed to submit the request form at any period of your academic journey here in Boston.

Media Center

The Media Center really is a hidden gem. The spacious room that sits under the library, marked by glass walls and a large, tall counter at the back of the room. Elvis sits among some bright colors on one wall and a rack of goodies sits behind the counter. Go-Pro 360 (lent out to those with proper training, of course), sampler/drum pads, midi-keyboards, battery packs that can power an amp, computer chargers, phone chargers, and several other techie treasures are all within your reach! Take a trip to this typically-quiet-kingdom and explore the options!

I hope this was helpful, and above all, I hope this makes you want to explore the campus a little more. Who knows how many other assets go unnoticed?? Happy exploring, happy finding!


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