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No Joke: Controversy Around The Graduation Concert

There’s a lot of disheartenment about the 2020 graduation concert. For many, it's a moment that cannot be replaced virtually.

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APRIL 1, 2020

There’s a lot of disheartenment about the 2020 graduation concert. The powers that be have decided to postpone the hat throwing event to the fall, in 5 in person ceremonies. But in a statement Roger Brown announced that, instead of postponing the concert, the 2020 graduate students will record a virtual performance as an ensemble, published in a ‘split-screen-style’ video, on May 8th, the commencement eve.

But for so many, having worked for 4 years in order to graduate, this concert is one of the most anticipated things to top off and celebrate an incredible start to our collective journeys. It’s the tantalising experience of being in a massive arena with friends, family and peers who have made our journeys possible that many feel is being sacrificed. So many students are posing the question of why can’t the concert be postponed to next year, or as a stand alone event - when so many would be willing to wait it out or travel back to Boston especially.

However the challenges of trying to re-book an arena, world-famous musicians and all of the arrangements around travel for this event - possibly explains explain why this virtual route has been taken. However, it still poses the question of what really matters? So many are hoping that with Berklee’s connections, some strings can be pulled in order to find an in-person solution. Although we are very lucky to have gone through Berklee, and have the alternative of an online graduation concert, that does not take away from the massive disappointment and frustration of missing out on making important memories in a well-earned moment with the people that we love.

Some reposted links to hear from the students directly:

'Below I have attached what Berklee should have done.'

'This ceremony is not only for us but for the families who have continuously supported us AND this institution.' Sign the petition HERE:

Student Lola Vialet Performs At Last Year's Commencement Concert


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