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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids

DECEMBER 8, 2018

In this day and age, it's becoming harder to find a rock band that stands out as an entirely unique or different listening experience. Circa Survive is one of the few bands holding a light at the end of this cursed tunnel; a tunnel filed with copy-paste, rehashed, and outdated rock music. While they’re not a brand new band (with their debut record in 2005), they're one of few modern rock bands that have maintained an aesthetically original sound since their debut. From first listen, the band has this landscape of ethereal and distorted guitar melodies, all of which carry technical achievement, but remain poignant in what they have to say. However, lead vocalist Anthony Green is indeed the showstopper; his vocal rage and the sheer pitch of his vocals are unlike any vocalist I've heard in the rock genre. With these elements present on the band's records, it was undoubtedly exciting to see how they’d expand upon them in their live show, and to no surprise, it was a dazzling affair.

The set was fueled with bangers: from old classics to more recent songs off of their 2017 record The Amulet. Circa opened their set with “Lustration,” a powerful and rapid flowing tune that was a perfect way to establish the evening’s energy, but also to spotlight Anthony Green’s talents as a front man. Following this song’s intro, Anthony immediately jumped out toward the audience, and reminded them he’s here to sing along with them. These various stage antics flowed throughout the night, only highlighting the engaging and connected front man Anthony is.

Playing a near hour and thirty-minute set, Circa maintained a consistent flow of variety and dynamics in their song selection. Every song felt like it had something different to say than the previous, but particular stand outs were definitely “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose,” “Child of the Desert,” and the bands finale “Meet Me in Montauk.” This was also an extra fun show being the final show of the tour, which made for some fun guest appearances and collaborations with the other touring bands (at one point the band did an acoustic sing along to “Wonder Wall” with the audience, and yes it was as awesome as it sounds).

While the concert was a collage of blissful and energetic rock music, Circa’s sound can be almost off-putting in a way. It doesn’t have typical rock tropes right out of the gate. Every instrument, including the vocals accompany one another in a very balanced and equal mix, and nothing smacks you in the face and asks for your attention. This is very different from most rock bands, and it’s given the band a more cult following than mass level audience. Nonetheless, this is what makes the band stick out to me, and it’s what makes me want to keep listening. They strive for something new, and if you give them a deep listen you won’t be disappointed.


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