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The Best Eyeshadow Palettes of 2019

Explore writer Kirsten’s favorite picks of 2019 for the most bold, colorful, and unique eyeshadow palettes of the year!

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DECEMBER 30, 2019

Over the past few years, the cosmetics industry has grown significantly from where it once resided. The growing popularity of Instagram and the desire for better and more products has caused a spike in demand for beauty products. A platform like Instagram’s shareability and ease of use has made makeup and beauty-based content some of the most popular on the internet, causing makeup companies to respond with a large amount of new products. As an avid makeup wearer, I spend a lot of time in the Sephora at the Prudential Center, and I’ve noticed an influx of, among things like foundation and highlighter, new eyeshadow palettes that seem to appear every week. My favorite category of makeup is eyeshadow. I can have so much fun with bright colors and different eye shapes, it’s one of the most transformative and diverse methods of makeup, which makes it one of my favorite creative outlets. Over the past year, so many eyeshadow palettes have hit the market that finding one with a good balance of price, quality, and personal preferences can be a challenge. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of 2019 so that you can find your creative spark this coming year!

Urban Decay // Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette - $49.00: This palette is exquisitely pigmented, and a great staple piece if you love gold and neutrals.

Violet Voss // Bright Vibes Neon Pressed Pigment Palette - $30.00: I’m a massive fan of color. I love neon, I love pigment, and I love eyeshadow that is out of the ordinary, and this palette certainly delivers. The color payoff is exquisite, the colors are unlike any other, and I absolutely love the look of this palette. It screams at me to make the most bold, colorful eye looks I can possibly think of, which is something I’ve began to require from my makeup. If I’m going to pay $30.00 for an eyeshadow palette, why shouldn’t it inspire me to be creative?

Kaja Beauty // Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio (Hella Azalea) - $21.00: While this isn’t exactly a palette, this entire collection of eyeshadow is extremely well-executed at a fair price. These eyeshadow trios are a stack of three shadows and a mirror in a compact case, and each of the color choices are beautiful. The shadows are very high quality, gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for cutely functional packaging. My favorite color choice in this collection is Hella Azalea, a trio with a glittery pink, a bubblegum pink, and a bright violet.

Viseart // Grande Pro Volume 3 Palette - $175.00: This palette is pricey. So much so that it is completely unnecessary unless you have too much money to throw at an eyeshadow palette. That being said, it’s absolutely gorgeous, top of the line quality, and you certainly get what you pay for. I love the range of colors from Viseart, but it is certainly not for the everyday makeup wearer. $175.00 for ANYTHING is pushing it, but for an eyeshadow palette, it better fold my laundry for me. That being said, it is the pinnacle of quality, and definitely worth the splurge for those who are very serious about makeup artistry and working professionally in the industry.

Morphe // 39L Hit The Lights Artistry Palette - $42.00: I love this palette! It’s a great value for great quality, which has always been one of my favorite things about Morphe. Something that drew me towards this particular palette was the amount of collaboration that went into the creation. Out of the 32 eyeshadows, every section of 8 was created by a different makeup artist, making each grouping very unique and diverse even within the palette. The other 7 spaces are designated for larger pans of highlighter and bronzer throughout the middle. Overall, this palette is very unique, and the perfect addition to any collection.

NYX // Modern Dreamer - $35.00: This palette is both functional and fashionable in that it contains a lot of traditionally “wearable” neutral colors (though I’m under the impression that any color is wearable if you wear it), and fun brights to make a nice transition from natural to creative. Good quality, though I would wait to snag this palette until it goes on sale. $35.00 for NYX is a little overpriced in my opinion, especially with it’s cheap plastic packaging and overall lack-luster shimmers. That being said, the color story is unlike any other I’ve seen this year, and while I reach for other palettes over these shimmers, they aren’t bad quality, just not the blinding glow that I’m looking for. This palette and its sister palette Swear By It are versatile and a good buy at the right price.

ColourPop Cosmetics // 9 Shadow Palettes (Strawberry Shake) - $12: These palettes are short and sweet, but an absolutely unbeatable value. Colourpop Cosmetics is an extremely inexpensive brand with good quality products, and these palettes are no exception. These 9 shadow palettes come themed around every color of the rainbow, and for just $12, it’s an incredible addition to any collection. My personal favorites are Strawberry Shake (pink), Blue Moon (blue), and Just My Luck (green).

Makeup Revolution // Colour Book Shadow Palette (CB05, CB01) - $20.00 : I can’t leave out this collection. As a recent holiday release for 2019, these seem to be geared towards makeup artists based on their monochrome nature and massive 48 shade range. Something I love about these palettes is that the two sides of the book-like palette have exactly the same shades, but one side is shimmer, and one side it matte. Two of my favorites in this collection are the CB01 and CB05, CB01, the gray palette which is extremely unique, and something I’ve never seen before. CB05, the blue/green palette, is beautiful, and another unique take on the concept of eyeshadow palettes.

These are my favorite palettes of 2019, the most colorful and unique, the most pigmented and opaque, the best and brightest. As someone who loves the expression and color choices of makeup, it can be difficult for me to find products that engage and inspire me, but I hope these recommendations help you find makeup that fuels your creativity.

If you create any makeup looks you’d like to share, tag @berkleegroove on instagram with the hashtag #getinthegroove to be featured on our instagram story!

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