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Album Preview: Katy Perry Has Found Her "SMILE" Once Again

After a two-year hiatus, Perry’s sixth studio album is a triumphant yet authentic return to the industry stage.

Girl with Micro Braids

JANUARY 1, 2020

The lifeblood of creation is inspiration. With 24/7 social media access, there is technically no excuse for being uninspired or struggling with ‘writer’s block’. Similarly being at the best popular music college in the world should enable one to constantly stay inspired. However I can attest that many a friend and I personally have felt a good deal of Berklee overwhelm. Regardless of your background, stature or level: being surrounded by a fiercely evolving group of young professionals can lead to unhealthy comparison, and unrealistic self expectations.

When I took over as Editor-in-Chief of Berklee Groove in May 2019, I realised we were sitting atop a goldmine of music industry contacts and connections - built up by my predecessors, and from being part of the conglomerate ‘Berklee College of Music’ brand.

At the same time, after meeting with Roger Brown, Stefanie Henning and the Career Center team, and the Communications team - it seemed that there was a unanimous desire for a platform designed to voice Berklee students’ opinions and work, and publish curated content from a student perspective. Something to join the dots between the current student and the working alumni, that wasn’t from a corporate perspective.

So we adopted the #getinthegroove hashtag as the core of our brand. To inspire our peers to focus on achieving their dreams. How? By bringing first-hand advice from interviewing real-life artists, industry professionals, lifestyle advocates and Berklee Alumni/current students. We also re-developed the design pallet to make it a reflection of the professional, trend-setting and driven environment of the Berklee community.

In joining all three aspects of providing inspiration, using Berklee’s contacts and being relevant to the current student community, we developed limited edition merchandise - in the form of #getinthegroove hoodies.

Wear them when you’re focusing on working at your passion. In the grind. At rehearsal. In the studio. In business meetings. In class. At late night sessions. In your room working away at your masterpiece. In soundcheck. Travelling to gigs. Going to the gym. Sleeping. Take it wherever you take your grind. Your groove. Your focus and dedication to your dream.

On the front chest is the classic intertwined with modern Berklee Groove logo. On the right arm is the printed text slogan #getinthegroove, inspiring you to work on your dreams. In black, it combines power with sophistication to fit every vibe outfit, in every situation.

Most of all it signifies to the world your dedication to your dreams, and inspires others to do the same. So invest in yourself, and invest in a hoodie to keep yourself and others #inthegroove. See you on the journey to the top.

We will be at tables in 150 and 160 Mass Ave during the second and third week of the spring semester. Bring cash or pay by card at the Campus Life front desk in 150.

Also keep an eye on our instagram late january - we’ll be giving away one free hoodie and reposting all #getinthegroove stories of you in your grind. So stay tuned!

Nia Ashleigh Models the Berklee Groove Limited Edition Hoodie


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